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Our Helix Aspersa Muller Escargot, known as, ‘Petit Gris’ are all hand-chosen and shipped to you by our family on Jersey!

Fresh Escargot dispatched in aestivation, also known as ‘semi-hibernation, to ensure they reach you in the freshest possible way.

Large snails approx 8 grams and above.

Medium snails approx 6-8 grams.

Small snails approx 5 grams and below.

1kg = £45.00 + postage

500g = £25.00 + postage

12 escargot = £6.00 + postage

6 escargot = £3.50 + postage

We can also supply snails for breeding and smalls/mediums/’seconds’ on request. 

Please contact us for any more specific enquiries and quotes. 

As well as for human consumption we can also provide snails for reptile and animal consumption, just give us a call and we can cater to your requirements.

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