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The Snail House is the creation of Chris and Kimberley along with their junior farmer Elliot. The idea was born out of day time television of all things, featuring a young couple who moved to the south of France and started farming snails for a bit of extra income.

“The concept really intrigued us and we immediately began research and were soon building the infrastructure for the business. Attending virtual snail school in addition to trial and error we have developed our methods and processes to provide perfect conditions and diet to our livestock.

We began our farm by building an indoor snail house so that we would be able to get our first snails. We researched what they needed, and created their house with untreated wood. It was two weeks of then building before our first 500 breeders arrived (these are just adult snails). From then we’ve really been learning more each day, and even attending snail school to discover more about each stage of the snail.

Our main breeding season begins indoors in our climate-controlled facility – ‘The Snail House’, where the eggs are then hatched and the hatchlings are placed into a ‘nursery’ to grow.  Once the snails are a little bigger and the weather warms they are placed outdoors into our snail farm. This enclosure is secure from pests and sheltered from the elements providing our livestock with the best possible environment for healthy growth.

When snails reach adulthood they are put into a ‘semi-hibernation, known as aestivation, this is when they are ready to be eaten. It’s a natural process, which is caused when their food and water sources are removed – meaning they can be easily and safely transported. Without aestivation, they will continue to eat and breed.”

We love our farm and love working and caring for our snails, whilst we look forward to expanding, we are keen to maintain our farm as a family run business using local produce and an eco-mind-set.
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