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How to prepare Snails


Place your snails into a pot of already boiling water (this method is a cruelty free as possible)

Boil for 3 to 4 minutes and when cool enough to touch remove from the shell.

Place snails into a hot brine and bring to boil for approximately 30 mins.

Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and either freeze at this stage or continue to cook


It isn’t essential to do this part but it is the way many prefer them.

You can fry or barbecue the escargot now or as we would recommend, simmer…

With a long, slow simmer the escargot will become more tender

Add your desired flavours and simmer for 80 – 90 minutes

Your escargot can be frozen at this point, ready for cooking at a later stage or go to stage 3


You can then prepare your preferred recipe, garlic butter, breadcrumbed, salad……. Your options are endless


We recommend that escargot are kept alive and asleep in a breathable bag stored in a cool, dry and darkroom

They may wake in transit and to encourage them to return to hibernation they will need to be kept at a humidity of around 60%. Catering refrigerators will probably be around this humidity but domestic may be higher which means the snails may wake up/remain awake. You may therefore prefer to prepare and freeze immediately ready for consumption later.

We check that each individual escargot is fresh and hibernated before delivery however deterioration will occasionally happen during transit. When the hibernation seal has deteriorated and the snail is liquidy it should be discarded.

If you wish to use the shells, first wash them with bicarbonate of soda, rinse several times and boil.

Snails are part of the mollusc family and therefore present a potential allergen risk to those with mollusc/shellfish allergy 

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